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How To Find A Web Host You Can Trust

These days every business needs a website. There’s no doubting that the quickest and easiest way of promoting your business in 2021 is to build a good website to promote yourself, your business or services you offer.

The question though, is how do you find somewhere to host your website?

Go Local

One great way to ensure you’re working with someone who understands your needs and requirements is to go with someone who host locally to you. This ensures that your website is fast for you and your customers that live nearby since the data doesn’t need to travel across the world, increasing latency.

Storage is Important

Websites generally aren’t large when it comes to storing data, most website accounts never surpass a couple of GBs meaning that you don’t necessarily need to go for unlimited hosting. Instead when it comes to web hosting storage, it really is a game of quality over quantity.

You want fast and reliable storage. There really only is one option here – SSD. But unfortunately it isn’t even that simple. Within SSD hosting you have different types of hosting. SATA SSD, SSHD and NVME SSD just to name a few.

Then you have our cloud cPanel hosting which is a tier above them. Our website hosting is faster than NVME – the fastest type of SSD available – thanks to our networked storage using multiple disks to read and write your website data.

This means your website can stay responsive even when you get thousands of visitors each day (which we’re super confident you will, of course!).

Domain Names Matter

Your website address is often referred to as a domain name. For example, ours is When naming your website, you want to stick to a few key principals to ensure you get not only a good number of new visitors, but returning visitors too!

Short And Sweet

Your domain should be short and to the point if at all possible. For example, may not be as easy to remember as so visitors won’t remember it as easily in the future even if they do want to come back.

In addition to this, having a shorter domain makes it easier for visitors to recommend your website to their friends and family, increasing the amount of promotion for your business or blog via word of mouth.

Pick A Good Ending

When it comes to domains, the ending matters. Many UK visitors prefer a domain that ends in .uk as this associates the business with being UK-based and local. If your business is in Italy, you may prefer to go for a .it domain instead to indicate your location.

This is also used by search engines such as Google to promote your business or website to visitors using the version of their search engine for those visitors. For example, Google in the UK will prioritise .uk domains as they may be more relevant.

What many international businesses do is actually to spread their site across multiple domains targeted at individual countries to make the content more appropriate for them. Of course, this increases your time making content for each individual market so we only recommend this one if you are able to.

Speak To Them

Any web host should be more than happy to have a chat. Open a support ticket and discuss any queries or concerns you have ahead of time. They may be happy to accommodate certain requirements you have or have the ability to support you in a way you may never have guessed. Don’t be shy, open a conversation and make real progress

We hope this post has helped and we hope you look at our hosting services and come trust us with what matters to you.