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Why Choose SSD Website Hosting?

SSDs have revolutionised the hosting industry, allowing never-before-seen performance. This is largely in part to faster speeds when accessing or moving data, but also thanks to there being no moving parts leading to instant file access.

In this article we will discuss some of the differences and why you should choose quickfire for your website hosting needs.

Instant File Access

You may not know this, but in older mechanical (sometimes referred to as “spinny disks” or even “spinning rust” by some people these days) hard drives sometimes your drive would need spin up while the read head (similar to the playhead on a record player) would seek out the data on the drive.

As you can probably imagine, this was incredibly slow. As shared web hosting took off this was especially noticeable on more active servers as everything slowed down.

Don’t worry, then the SSD (Solid State Drive or Disk) was invented. Rather than using spinning platters that stored data, they use microchips instead. This allows the drive to instantly grab data as and when it is needed ensuring that even under high load file access is fast. This is sometimes referred to as IOPS (Input / Output operations Per Second). As with many statistics in technology, the higher the number the better.

All The Bandwidth You Need

One major limitation on older drives, especially when it comes to large files, is that the speed in which data can be loaded / saved is largely down to how fast the platter can spin.

We got around this for a very long time by simply spinning them faster but, as you can imagine, there are limits on how fast you can spin small bits of metal and this would also lead to higher energy usage. More energy usage leads to more heat and heat in electronics is always bad.

As SSDs store the data on chips that don’t need to move around, you can wing data around as fast as electricity can move! As you can probably imagine, this means you can store / load large files faster making everyone happier.

Better for Search Engine Optimisation

Many search engines, especially Google, will use speed as a major factor when choosing where to rank your website when users are searching for it.

Make sure your website is front and centre when people are searching for you by picking fast reliable website hosting.

Your Customers Will Love You

Let’s be honest, nobody likes a slow website. Make sure your customers get a good experience by going with a premium and reliable website hosting provider.

Statista found that only 26% of people are willing to remain on a website if it takes longer than five seconds to load. Is it worth the risk by going for cheaper, slower hosting? You could be losing up to 74% of your potential customers without even realising!

So, Why SSD Hosting?

To put it simply, for incredible and stable performance even under load. Long gone are the days of worrying ahead of a sale on your online store, or your blog post hitting the front page of Reddit. You can be sure that everything will function, as expected, 100% of the time.

We’re incredibly proud of our all-SSD storage platform which can sustain over 100K IOPS ensuring that even the busiest websites are fast and responsive when your customers and users expect it to be.