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Everyone Should Have A Website

We know, this sounds like something we’d obviously say considering we sell website hosting services, but we really do feel like everyone should have their own website even if its a wordpress site with a free theme that they only post on twice a year.

Some Reasons Why You Need A Website

There are many benefits to having one and we’d like to cover some in this article! Remember, our support team is here to help you along the way so you’re never alone.

Building a website and getting high rankings in search engines takes time – but it is so worth it when you see people coming on to your website, interacting with you or your business, and enjoying what you have made. You don’t need to have years of website development knowledge, with the technology we have access to today you can get started in minutes. Over time there’s nothing stopping you from learning more and developing your own website from scratch. We all have to start somewhere, right?

Your Own Space On The Web

One of the best things about having your own website is having a place that you control. You could create your own blog on a million other websites or just become big on another social media platform but you’re going to forever be at the mercy of someone else.

Instead, you can get your own domain with your own website and publish what you want to publish, on your own terms. In addition to this, if you have your own site you can set up a newsletter or have an RSS feed so anyone can use any RSS reader to keep up to date with what you post instead of relying on some algorithm to give you traffic.

Best of all you can truly be yourself with creative website designs that are 100% you. No more limited designs or having to stick to standardised templates. Show what makes you unique in your own unique way!

Document Your History

A website is a great way to document your life, business, interests and more over time. Start a personal blog and post about your adventures, take lots of pictures and have something to look back on and smile over in a few years time.

Or, if you have a business, you can share your progression over time with your customers and your ideas of new and upcoming products or projects. Blog about that new revolutionary invention you’ve just created. The world needs to know about it!

Over time you will be able to see how you have really progressed. Looking over the past can be very humbling and can help you see just how much you’ve achieved since you started. Its always there, forever. You can even start writing up about your history so you can already have a good archive of things to look back over!

Be Found

A website is a great way to introduce yourself, your business or your project to many people all over the world. Best of all, you could even do it right from your own bedroom! Sounds pretty good to me!

The internet is one of the lowest cost methods of getting your message out there, and the payoff can really be huge. There are more millionaires and billionaires than ever before thanks to the internet and we’re sure you’ll be one of them one day!

In all seriousness, the internet gets bigger and bigger literally every day. With more and more people across the globe becoming connected to this series of tubes it presents itself as an excellent marketing opportunity. You can connect in a more direct way than ever before with more people than ever before, right from your finger tips.

How To Get Started

First of all – every website needs a domain name, once you have one you need somewhere to host it! We, of course, recommend our totally unlimited SSD-based website hosting. With this, you can easily install an application such as WordPress and be up and running within minutes!

Next – content! Get writing. Don’t worry if your first few posts don’t go viral. Its a learning exercise! You can only get better by doing, and wherever you start, you’ll only improve. So go ahead, get blogging. We can’t wait to see what you have to write about!

Finally – shout about it! Post about your new content to social media, write on forums, even get up on your rooftop and shout about it (but safely, please!). The world is your oyster, you just need to tell everyone around you where they can find out about what you’re up to!