planet earth close-up photography

Our Planet Is In Danger. We Can Fix It.

The world is changing and it’s not in a positive way. Recent events here in the UK and across other parts of the world are evidence of this. Records for temperatures, both high and low, have been obliterated this past year due to climate change and how it affects the beautiful world we live in. Alongside flooding and wildfires on a scale we’ve never seen before. The future does not look good.

Something needs to change. And it needs to change fast.

A great way of helping to tip the scales back in the right direction is to plant trees. While this is a great and effective solution, alone it isn’t enough. Carbon needs to be removed from the atmosphere faster than trees can absorb it in order to have a real impact while we work on decarbonising energy and transport throughout the world.

One particular industry that is particularly close to our hearts that has a huge, and growing, impact on this is the datacenter / internet industry. Every website you visit involves the work of hundreds of electronic devices working to pass information around the world for you to view – all of it uses electricity. Most of it is bad for the planet.

As a website hosting company, we know what is involved and the energy usage associated. We already have our tree growing initiative (which already makes us Carbon Negative, and will be expanding further throughout 2022), but a recent blog post by Justin Jackson on got us thinking – more can be done.

So, recently we (and many others) joined Stripe Climate. For us we decided to set our initial contributions to to 5%. This means that 5% of all revenue will go directly to funding carbon capture projects alongside millions of other organisations that use Stripe for payments. We’ve been trialling it and found it works well and that the projects Stripe are funding with this look really promising so we’re making it official.

We will keep focussed on monitoring how it goes, and if we are able to, increase our percentage further at no cost to your customers.

But, we want to be very clear – this is just the beginning. There’s much more that can be done by every person and business on our planet to reduce our impact and work with nature to restore the planet to how it should be.

While we can only be held directly responsible for the servers, routers, switches and other hardware we directly control and manage we wan to ensure that we are covering for all routers, switches, and other pieces of networking hardware that are involved in getting your website to your visitors. This isn’t a “not our router so not our problem” situation – this is an emergency and we all need to do our part.

Always remember, no matter what you wish to host – by using our SSD website hosting, your website will work to help the fight against climate change one visitor at a time. Better yet, the longer you’re with us the bigger your impact will be!