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Servers that work hard to protect the planet.

The World Cannot Wait

The world is in a dire situation and cannot wait around for solutions to magically appear. Unfortunately, one major contributor towards the climate crisis is the internet. Millions of servers, routers, switches and other pieces of equipment are large factors that greatly affect climate change.

But it is not all doom and gloom – there is something that can be done. Here at Quickfire Cloud, we use 100% green energy and plant 20 trees when you join us. We then follow this up with 10 more every time you renew each month. You can stop searching for green hosting, you’ve already found it.

worms eye view of forest during day time
pine trees

Working With Experts


We know we aren’t experts when it comes to planting trees or managing forests and we don’t have the time to become experts. So instead, we’ve partnered with Ecologi who know what they’re doing for maximum impact.


But we can’t do this alone – so please join us on our journey and even begin your own forest to multiply our collective impact and help protect the planet. After all, we only have one.

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Make sure that your website benefits the planet by joining Quickfire Cloud today.

Carbon Negative cPanel Hosting


By planting trees for not only every order, but continuing to plant more on every renewal we already remove far more carbon from the atmosphere than powering your website would put in to the atmosphere. 


But that’s not all. We also go further and donate 5% of all of our revenue via Stripe Climate to carbon offsetting programs.