How To Create An Email Account In cPanel

cPanel gives you full control over a powerful email service that is included as part of your cPanel Hosting service. In this guide we will show you how to create an email account with ease.

Locate The Email Section #

Your first step is to use the search box within cPanel to find the option labelled “Email Accounts”. Clicking this will bring you to a page which shows you a list of existing email accounts.

On this page you need to click “+ Create” on the right hand side above the table.

Create The Email Account #

On this page you will need to think of a username, password and appropriate size limit for the email account.

For the username we suggest having a standardised format for your business. For example, many businesses will do first-initial.surname (e.g j.smith). This keeps email addresses simple and predictable for your customers and staff.

If you have multiple domains on your cPanel account here you are able to select from the dropdown which domain the email address should be associated with. Make sure you have the correct one selected!

Optional Settings #

Expanding the Optional Settings section allows you to customise the disk space limit (our default is 1GB). We suggest setting a sensible limit now, as this can always be changed in the future if required.

When you’re happy, click Create at the bottom of the page and the account will immediately be created!

That’s it! #

That’s it! Your email address is instantly ready to use and set up in your favourite email client of choice!